Moscow, 3-6 September, 2013



Dear ERF 2013 participants,

If you are going to attend the 39th European Rotorcraft Forum in Moscow, you should take into account that travel to Russia requires an entry visa and involves therefore additional advance planning . The Consular Division of the Russian Embassy in your country of residence issues different categories of visas to Russia based upon the purpose of the trip and the duration of stay in Russia. Visa formalities will take a certain amount of time. Therefore we strongly recommend you to start the application process as soon as possible.

For full details and the list of documents you need to provide for a Russian visa please contact the appropriate Consulate or Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country of Residence (conditions and fees may vary in different countries). You may also contact specially authorized travel agencies that can assist you in obtaining a visa.

In case you need an Official Invitation please contact the Forum Secretariat ([email protected]) and provide the following information:

Full Name          


Passport Number


Date of issue


Date of expiry






Date of Birth


Place of Birth


Place of residence


Your company’s name and address




Place of visa issue


Please note that requests for Official Invitations will be accepted till the 1st of June 2013. It will take 3 weeks to have the Invitations prepared. Afterwards they will be sent by mail (if required, the copies can be sent by email) and can be used for visa application in the nearest Russian Consulate or Embassy.  

You should take into account that invitation issue as well as visa application process can take a lot of time. Therefore we strongly recommend you to plan ahead.  

Please note that the above mentioned information is a general guideline for travel to the Russian Federation. As travel requirements may change, we recommend that attendees contact their local consulate or embassy or specially authorized travel agencies for details on visa application procedures.