Moscow, 3-6 September, 2013

Guidelines for Authors

Paper Guidelines

Authors are requested to follow the ERF guidelines for drafting of their paper in order to guarantee acceptance of the paper and publication.

Download Guidelines for authors (PDF, 71kb)

Copyright Statement

Please note that each paper should contain the following last paragraph:

Copyright Statement
The authors confirm that they, and/or their company or organization, hold copyright on all of the original material included in this paper. The authors also confirm that they have obtained permission, from the copyright holder of any third party material included in this paper, to publish it as part of their paper. The authors confirm that they give permission, or have obtained permission from the copyright holder of this paper, for the publication and distribution of this paper as part of the ERF2013 proceedings or as individual offprints from the proceedings and for inclusion in a freely accessible web-based repository.

Submission of final paper deadline

Please note the final paper must be received at the latest on the 9th of July, 2013. If your paper is not received before this deadline, your presentation will be removed from the programme.